I set out with the intention of only doing one shopping trip in August. I might pop over to the green grocer if I need fresh fruit and veg, but I have a pretty well stocked freezer at this time.

I decided to get a Zipcar for the trip, both for the groceries and because I had a few packages waiting for me at the post office, including a cat tree. It was an indulgence for sure, coming in at a total of $29.63 for the 3 hours, after my monthly “pre-pay” of $10 was deducted. It did allow me to buy large items, but it needs to be considered when thinking about the total cost. Maybe next summer I’ll buy a cargo trailer for the bike.

I went to the No Frills at Lakeshore and Brownsline. It’s a very big store and well stocked. This is what I came out with:

Item Servings or size Price per unit
All purpose flour $8.27 10 kg $0.08 per 100 g
Black turtle beans $6.81 2.7 kg $0.25 per 100 g
Calrose Rice $14.99 8 kg $1.87 per 100 g
Coffeemate $3.97
Crackers $3.94 2 boxes
Eggs, extra large $6.00 24 ea $0.25 ea
English Muffins $1.00 12 pieces 8.3 cents each
Gatorade $4.97 powder tin
Instant Yeast $4.47 113 g
Red Kidney $4.54 1.8 kg $0.25 per 100g
Soy Sauce $4.00
Sweetener $1.97
White vinegar $1.97 4 L
Bananas $1.63 1.325 kg $1.23/kg
Celery stalks $1.27 1 bunch
Frozen chopped spinach $4.00 1.2 kg (4 x 300 g)
Frozen fruit blend $11.00 2.75 kg
Ginger $0.53 0.145 kg $3.68/kg
Local peaches $5.54 6 L (2 x 3L)
Pet Care
Cat litter (Purina Tidy Cat) $14.97 12.3 kg
Cat food (Meow Mix) $6.00 2 kg
Brown Sugar $2.77
Chocolate Chips $2.67
Fresca $1.00 1L
Dish soap (Palmolive) $2.00 887 ml
Mason jars $9.97 12 ea $0.94 each
Taxes $5.03
Total: $135.10


Nothing was on “sale”, but the english muffins were picked from the clearance section, and I’ve already made a batch of breakfast sandwiches which I have frozen. I’ll make a post about those later!

After reviewing the state of my freezer, I think the 10 kg of flour might have been overkill. I intend to bake some cookies for myself and a banana loaf for a colleague this week, but I am not sure I can eat as quickly as I want to be baking. I also will probably end up baking something with the peaches.

I also bought a giant bag of rice. The No Name brand calrose was sold out, so I got the Roster Brand.  I was able to get it into containers and in my pantry. That along with the beans and a variety of lentils I have at home I hope to be able to have a good base for lunches for the coming months.

What did you buy at the grocery store this week?

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