This week I decided I really need to get more serious about eating healthy, nourishing food. My weight has increased and my athletic performance has dropped. I believe at least a part of that can be attributed to the sheer quantity of potato chips and ice cream I’ve been eating.

I’ve still got some breakfast sandwiches and quinoa/cabbage stir fry left over from previous weeks in my freezer, but I took advantage of some downtime this weekend to add to my ready-to-eat stash.

Just look at all that chlorophyll! I feel stronger already 😉

Green Smoothies

Green means healthy, right?

I had a large quantity of bananas that were starting to turn, and I knew I was in no position to be eating more banana bread. Instead, I blended them with one package of frozen spinach, and 5 servings of vanilla protein powder. This made 5 servings of smoothie that I froze and can thaw in the freezer the night before I want to drink it.

It’s really not that bad and a pretty easy way to add greens and protein to my diet.

Rice and Lentils

I went super lazy with lunches this week. I combined calrose rice with frozen spinach and beluga lentils. The rice and lentils were cooked (separately) from dry in the Instant Pot, and the spinach thawed in the microwave. I use this set of instructions for the rice, and the 15 minutes on high pressure for the lentils.

After the rice cooked, I portioned it out into containers and let it cool while I cooked the lentils. Once the lentils were done, I combined with the spinach, salt, turmeric, and cumin and portioned on the rice. I will bring frozen mixed veg to combine to make a healthful lunch.


I’m still kind of leaving dinners up to chance. Tonight I had cheese and crackers after a long dental appointment left me drained. I will try and eat eggs more often, but the cleanup is a little daunting to be honest! Soups will also be an excellent choice when it cools down a bit. I can whip up a few different types and freeze individual portions to heat as needed.


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