I didn’t have to do any meal prep last week except for a few smoothies, and I still have lots of rice and lentils in my freezer for this week!

I’ve come back from a small camping trip and was feeling pretty lazy, but I did take some time on this long weekend to whip up some meals for the week. Here is what I made:

Grey(?!?!) Smoothies

They taste a lot better than they look, I promise. I mixed frozen fruit mix, oats (1/3 cup per serving), chia seeds (1/6 cup per serving) and protein powder (1 scoop per serving). I think I prefer the green look but I ran out of frozen spinach and didn’t feel like trekking to No Frills on a long weekend.

This is what I brought to work with me today: smoothie, cabbage and rice & lentils.



For some reason I had a craving for cabbage a week ago, so I bought one along with some celery and carrots for snacking. Well, I never really got around to processing the celery stalks and they were starting to go soft. I chopped those up with the cabbage and placed them in the Instant Pot with some V8 juice, garlic salt and hot sauce. I set it to pressure cook for 3 minutes and when it was done I had… something. Not a culinary creation I am proud of, but it’s edible and increased the amount of vegetables I am eating.


I made bread! I bought a 10 lb bag of four a while ago, so I figured I should use it. I used this recipe, which I found on Pintrest. I ended up adding more flour which might have messed with the texture, but it was much goopier than I have ever experienced with bread. It did rise very well, though!

I also now realize that my bread pans were too small for the quantity. If I make it again I will not split the loaf.

Bonus photos: Tuesday Post-Run Dinner

A simple pair of fried eggs (cooked in butter) on my homemade bread with some grainy mustard. Dinner of champions!

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