It’s been a long time since I posted! Things have been really difficult lately. I thought I had overcome most of my grief, but it just keeps popping back up. This just underscores the fact that I must be good to myself and my future self by making wise financial choices and living sustainably.  With that in mind, here are the details of my monthly grocery shopping trip.

As I mentioned in August, I wanted to try and keep grocery shopping to one large trip per month, and only hop over to the produce store in the neighborhood when I needed some fresh veg. This is to help with time management, give me everything I need for meal prep, and also help me justify renting a Zipcar for doing the shopping.

Because I had been so good with collecting points in the past little while, I was able to redeem $110 worth of points towards my groceries, which felt awesome! Here is an outline of what I bought on my trip:

Item Servings or size Price per unit
Sherry Cooking Wine $4.99
Primo Pasta Sauce $1.94 2 cans $0.97 per can
Sugar $1.49 2 kg $0.75 per kg
No Name Parmesan $5.00
No Name Lemon Juice $2.47
No Name Ground Cinnamon $2.27
No Name Ketchup $2.27
PC Grainy Mustard $1.87
PC Dijon $1.87
PC White Wine Vinegar $2.99
Veg Bouillon Powder $2.97
Wheat Thins $1.97
Veggie Thins $1.97
Kraft Dinner $5.97 12 boxes $0.50 per box
White Cheddar with Habanero $5.97 400 g $1.50 per 100 g
Extra Large Eggs $6.00 2 dozen $0.25 ea
Whipping Cream $2.00 500 ml $0.40 per 100 ml
No Name Frozen Fruit $22.00 5.5 kg $4.00 per kg
No Name Mixed Veggies $3.97 4 kg $1.00 per kg
No Name Frozen Spinach $4.00 4 packages $1.00 ea
English Muffins $2.00 12 pieces $0.17 ea
Yellow Flesh Potatoes $2.97 10 lbs $0.66 per kg
Garlic $0.57
Carrots $1.97 10 lb $0.43 per kg
Yellow Onion $3.94 6 lb $1.44 per kg
Banana $1.49 1.210 kg $1.23 per kg
Celery Stalks $1.94 2 stalks $0.97 ea
Pet Care
Fancy Feast (Wet Food) $7.47 12 cans $0.63 per can
Tidy Cats (Litter) $14.97
Ristorante Thin Crust Frozen Pizza $17.82 6 pizzas $2.97 ea
Taxes $2.92
Total: $143.09
Points Redeemed: -$110
Paid: $36.01


I think I made better decisions this month as compared to last. I kept the indulgences to a minimum, and they are items that are most likely to help me avoid going out to eat. Having a well stocked freezer full of pizza is a great tactic to combat the urge to call the delivery guy!

One impulse purchase I did make was the wet cat food. I thought it would be a nice treat. I didn’t realize that at this size one day’s worth of food was three cans! Wowza! So, a more short lived treat than I thought.

I already made a batch of French Onion Soup, and will make a stew for my meal prep for this week. It’s not yet fall temperatures, but I’ve been craving something comforting.

How is have your efforts at the grocery store been paying off? Are you staying on track?

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