This is a list of my financial goals and habits I want to cultivate broken up into the short, medium, and long terms. I will outline my monthly progress towards active goals in my Monthly Spending Report posts, while just providing the bare numbers here.

Short term ( <1 year )

1. Be three months ahead in YNAB*

Progress as of September 1, 2018: 74% complete

Target Complete Date: December 1, 2018.

(Note: some months are a larger percentage than others, but that’s because I am using actual projected spending for September, October and November for this, so obviously the % complete will fluctuate as the months change.)

2. Secure a higher salary with my employer.

Progress as of September 1, 2018: I have obtained the major qualification I required to progress with my career and passed a test for a second, bonus qualification (still need to do the paperwork). I have an application in for a promotion to the next level. There will be some serious competition for this promotion, but I am working hard to prepare for the interview process.

Target Complete Date: None set.

Medium Term (< 5 years )

1. Put aside $10,000 for an Emergency Fund

Progress as of September 1, 2018: 1.8% complete. I am putting all my extra money towards my short term goal right now and just relying on tiny auto contributions to my TFSA.

Target Complete Date: January 1st, 2020.

2. Sign up for some post graduate courses to keep my mind fresh and self competitive in the job market.

Progress as of September 1, 2018: 10% complete. I think I have selected the courses I want to take, but I will need to wait until I achieve my promotion goal to know what my working schedule and location will be before I commit to night classes. I also have not saved any money towards this goal. I can apply for tuition reimbursement at work, which will cover the equivalent of 80% of the cost of two courses per year, but I only get the money back when I pass.

Target Complete Date: None set.

Long Term (<10 year):

1. Put aside $100,000 for a down payment.

In Canada we are required to put down 20% to avoid mortgage insurance. I am hoping $500,000 still buys a decent condo in 10 years! I am not planning on using RSP “borrowing” for all or even most of the money, but it is where I am keeping my little contribution right now.

Progress as of September 1, 2018: 1.3%

Target Complete Date: August 1, 2025. I’ll be turning 40 that year and with a target of a 15 year mortgage I’ll be set to retire at 65 without debt.

* This post uses referral links where we both get a bonus if you sign up for the service linked. Neat!